Climbing Mt. Mikami (Omi-Fuji)

Mt. Mikami in Yasu is nicknamed Omi-Fuji because it has a conical shape like Fuji-san. I recently climbed this mountain. Only 432 meters high.

It was a pretty easy climb. There are two hiking trails, Omote and Ura. The Ura trail is less steep but takes longer to reach the top. The Omote trail is steeper and goes almost straight up the mountain. I went on the Ura path.

It took me 90 min. to reach the top. I took my time taking pictures, etc. The mountain has a thick forest. The view from the top is nice, but you can see in only one direction.

I went down the mountain on the opposite side and reached Karyoku Koen 花緑公園 and Kibogaoka Park.

From Yasu Station, it’s a short bus ride to the entrance to the hiking trail (get off at 山出前). Not so many buses run from the station though. Google Map

Here are my pictures of my hike:

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