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Updated: Sept. 30, 2014

Great fun and entertainment at the huge Tourism Expo Japan trade show held on September 27-28, 2014 for the public at Tokyo Big Sight. The expo had tourist booths from all 47 prefectures and 150 countries. A great place to pick up travel information, ask travel/sightseeing questions, see traditional Japanese crafts, and enjoy dances and entertainment from around Japan and the world. For the first time this year, they combined the domestic travel fair and the international travel showcase to create this new trade show. So it’s now one of the world’s largest travel/tourism trade shows. About 150,000 attended the expo (admission ¥1,300 for adults).

Lots of local food and entertainment too. Besides three large performance stages to showcase Japanese dances and festivals, many booths had their own mini stages for cultural entertainment like hula dancers at the Hawaii booth. I thoroughly enjoyed the expo and hope to see it every year from now on. Regretfully, I didn’t get to see everything in one day. So much stuff and so many things going on.

Shiga Prefecture had a medium-size booth and a 30-min. slot on one of the large entertainment stages.

One of the food courts also held a donburi (bowl of rice with a topping) contest where Shiga had a booth. Sixteen donburi booths sold donburi from various parts of Japan for ¥500 and we could vote for our favorite donburi. Very popular place for lunch.

Here are some photos of Shiga at Tourism Expo Japan 2014.


Shiga Prefecture’s booth.

Shiga’s booth represented only Hikone, Maibara, and Nagahama. But I didn’t see anything related to Maibara. Even Otsu wasn’t there. No Lake Biwa, no ninja either. Very puzzling. Perhaps the other cities did not have the budget for a booth. Or maybe the cities are taking turns at this expo, which still doesn’t make sense.


Shiga booth


Inside Shiga’s booth.

Shiga’s booth was mainly occupied by this space, supposedly for some kind of entertainment. But there was no schedule of who or what would appear. Hiko-nyan supposed to appear, but the staff I asked couldn’t tell me any specifics. At one small corner of the booth, they gave out brochures. Caffy was there too, but only sporadically. The booth’s emphasis was on Hikone Castle billed as on the “World Heritage Site Tentative List” which is really nothing to brag about. And Nagahama Hikiyama Matsuri being included in Japan’s application for inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list (to join Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri floats). This is also nothing to brag about, not until it actually makes the list. Really couldn’t understand this booth.



Nagahama Hikiyama Matsuri musicians on stage.


Nagahama Hikiyama musicians on stage. Extreme left is the mayor of Nagahama. They all looked too serious and glum.

On September 27, 2014, Shiga had a 30-min. slot on the large Stage A from 2 pm. First the mayor of Nagahama gave a short speech, then these musicians from the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival played while the large screen above projected a video of the festival.


Nagahama Hikiyama singer was excellent.

Nagahama Hikiyama narrator-singer was excellent.


Nagahama Hikiyama Festival kabuki dancer (Sanbaso).

Following the Nagahama Hikiyama musicians, this young kabuki dancer performed with live narrator-singers. He was very good. But I wish there were at least two or three of them.



Hiko-nyan’s turn on stage.

Hiko-nyan promoting mascot character festival.

Hiko-nyan promoting mascot character festival.

Following the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival introduction was Hiko-nyan’s appearance. Still a shutterbug’s darling, he only had to walk left and right on stage and pose for cell phone photos. Although Kumamon and Funasshi have overtaken Hiko-nyan in terms of fame and popularity, Hiko-nyan remains popular. Disappointed that nothing from Maibara was featured on stage. They should’ve brought Maibara’s taiko drum dancers.


Shiga donburi

Shiga donburi

An eatery in Shiga had this donburi booth (left) for lunch. Unfortunately, it was right next to the super popular Kobe beef booth (right) which always had long lines. As you can see, the Shiga booth wasn’t crowded at all. It served a rice bowl with a topping of Omi beef, pork, and chicken.


Shiga’s donburi




Hikone butsudan maker

The expo had a traditional crafts area with traditional crafts people giving live demos. Shiga had two two crafts booths. One was this Hikone butsudan (Buddhist altar) maker. I had a nice talk with this master craftsman from Hikone. He builds the altar doors. The sculptured wooden parts are made in Maibara (Samegai). He makes several hundred butsudan every year. He even makes altars for Buddhist temples and repairs butsudan too. Seems very busy. He said I could visit and see him work in Hikone. Yep, I will do so. The butsudan on the left behind him showed a price tag of 1,641,600 yen.


Omi jofu hemp cloth

Omi jofu hemp cloth 近江上布

Besides the butsudan maker, there was a booth for weaving Omi jofu (hemp cloth) from Aisho. Happy to see not one, but two crafts people from Shiga. You could try and weave the cloth yourself.


Miss Sansa Odori from Morioka, Iwate.

Miss Sansa Odori from Morioka, Iwate.

I wasn’t too impressed with Shiga’s booth and stage presentation. They need to have better spokespersons on stage like these two Miss Sansa Odori from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. They had bright, smiling faces and a welcome tone of voice. Not only that, they could dance too. Sansa Odori is a native dance of Morioka performed in August. The tourism expo was like a virtual tour of Japan at one place. Highly recommend it.

Sansa Odori dancers from Morioka, Iwate.

Sansa Odori dancers from Morioka, Iwate.





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台風18号で沈んだ屋形船。大津市瀬田川沿にて。9月20日。撮影/Unose Masaki

台風18号で沈んだ屋形船。大津市瀬田川沿にて。9月20日。撮影/Unose Masaki
A yakata-bune boat sunk by Typhoon Man-Yi in Otsu. Only the roof can be seen.



This is a list of tourist sights and major cultural properties in Shiga which were damaged or affected by Typhoon Man-Yi (No. 18) on September 15-16, 2013. English version of this post is provided on my Twitter feed. It is for the safety and welfare of our visitors. Compiled by Philbert Ono.


  • 信楽高原鐵道(貴生川駅〜信楽駅間) – 全線運休。川に架かる鉄橋の一部が橋脚ごと流され、運転再開のめどが立っていません。代行バスあり。のりばの地図最新の情報はこちら
  • JR石山駅発の信楽・ミホミュージアム行きの帝産バスは運休。(最新の情報はこちら
  • ミホミュージアム~信楽線の帝産バスも運休。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 京阪電車の京津線(御陵駅~浜大津駅間) – 運転を見合わせ、振替輸送およびバス代行あり。(9月30日より復旧)(最新の情報はこちら
  • 高島市内のバスと乗合タクシーの運休や折返しは多数。詳細はこちら



  • 大津市の石山寺の境内は複数の場所で土砂崩れのため、一部が通行止め。紫式部銅像など見れません。建造物および人的な被害はなし。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 大津市の三井寺の国宝の金堂で、「亀腹」と呼ばれる基礎部分の漆喰(しっくい)がはがれたり亀裂が生じた。写真
  • 大津市の国史跡「近江国府跡・国庁跡」は、遺跡北側ののり面が崩れ、隣接する市道に土砂が流出。
  • 大津市の立木観音の寺の石段が崩れたと報道されたが、参拝できそうです。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 大津市の国史跡の堂ノ上遺跡で、史跡北端の私有地ののり面が幅六メートル、高さ三メートルにわたって崩落。
  • 甲賀市のミホミュージアムは9月24日まで臨時休館。開館後、周辺道路が復旧するまで一部縮小して営業中。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 彦根市の佐和山ハイキングコースが一時閉鎖。地盤が弱くなっているため。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 国宝彦根城西の丸三重櫓は、矢を放つために設けられた狭間(さま)から雨が吹き込み、土壁の一部がはがれ落ちた。
  • 近江八幡市の安土城は土砂崩れのため、一部が通行不可。二王門南口の郭から山道側へ幅10メートル、高さ20メートルにわたり土砂が崩落して樹木が倒れ、一部で通行不能に。石垣も数カ所で崩れている。
  • 近江八幡市の重要文化財の旧西川家住宅では主要施設の軒裏の二カ所計〇・三平方メートルがはがれ落ちた。そして郷土史料館の屋根瓦が十枚程度落下した。
  • 高島市の海津大崎は通行止め。
  • 高島市の「八ツ淵の滝」登山道は通行止め。ガリバー青少年旅行村から「八ッ淵の滝」に向かう登山道が、当分の間通行止め。ガリバー青少年旅行村までの車道は通行可能。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 多賀町の河内の風穴への道は通行止めのため、河内の風穴は休業中。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 信楽町神山地先にある「鶏鳴の滝」につながる道路が崩落し、通行禁止。(最新の情報はこちら
  • 栗東市の金勝の里キャンプ場は壊滅状態。
  • 竜王町の観光ブドウ園は壊滅状態。
  • 野洲市の宗泉寺の「木造薬師如来座像」など重文の仏像5体を市歴史民俗博物館へ移した。安置されていた薬師堂の手前まで土砂が迫ったため。
  • 栗東市の阿弥陀寺の重文「木造薬師如来座像」は、寄託先の栗東歴史民俗博物館で、収蔵庫の雨漏りが発生。仏像の左手やひざ部分で、水滴によるしみが発生。
  • 琵琶湖の湖岸の所々には流木やゴミが残っている。注意を。写真



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