Summer 2022 fireworks in Shiga Prefecture

Nagahama hanabi

For the summer 2023 fireworks schedule, see:

Here’s the 2022 summer fireworks (hanabi) schedule for Shiga Prefecture (Shiga-ken hanabi) listed by date. Due to the pandemic, fireworks in the following places have been canceled in 2022 as of this writing: Takamiya (Hikone), Echigawa (Aisho), Biwako Dai-Hanabi (Otsu), Ogoto (Otsu), Makino (Takashima), and Yasu.

Depending on the summer spread of COVID-19, more cancellations are possible. Check before you go.

Also, foul weather can postpone or cancel fireworks. “More info” links go to Japanese-language pages. (No information in English except on this page.


Updated: July 11, 2022

Compiled by Philbert Ono

–July 2022–
Takamiya Noryo Hanabi Taikai –CANCELED– in Takamiya, Hikone, 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Near the Inugami River Muchinbashi Bridge. 10-min. walk from Ohmi Railways Takamiya Station. If rained out, to be postponed to ??. Map
More info: 高宮商工繁栄会 TEL:0749-22-2075

–July 2022–
Echigawa Gion Noryo Hanabi Taikai –CANCELED– in Aisho, 7:40 pm – 9:00 pm
At two locations along the Echigawa River bank near Miyukibashi Bridge. 15-min. walk from Ohmi Railways Echigawa Station. If rained out, to be postponed to July 16. About 40,000 people are expected. Map
More info: 愛知川駅コミュニティハウスるーぶる愛知川 TEL:0749-42-8444

Yokaichi Shotoku Matsuri
Yokaichi Shotoku Matsuri

–July 23, 2022–
Yokaichi Shotoku Matsuri (Finale Fireworks) in Higashi-Omi, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
This is a dance festival near Yokaichi Station climaxing with fireworks from 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The festival is a huge bon dance with 600 dancers dancing to Shiga’s native Goshu Ondo folk songs. A large section of the main road in front of Yokaichi Station is closed to traffic for the festival. The festival is named after Shotoku Taishi. Map | Video
More info: 八日市商工会議所 TEL: 0748-22-0186

Yasu Hanabi Taikai –CANCELED– in Yasu, 7:45 pm – 8:25 pm
Along the Shin River. 25-min. by shuttle bus from JR Yasu Station. Shuttle buses will be running. Stage entertainment will start at 4 pm. If rained out, to be cancelled. Map
More info: 野洲市商工観光課 TEL: 077-587-6008

–July 22, 2022–
Otsu Shiga Hanabi Taikai fireworks, 7:45 pm – 8:30 pm
Watch the fireworks over the lake from the famous Omi-Maiko beach. Near JR Omi-Maiko Station (Kosei Line) in western Otsu. If rained out, to be postponed to July 29.
More info: 大津志賀花火大会実行委員会 TEL:077-592-0378

–July 23, 2022–
Shigaraki Fire Festival fireworks, Koka, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Torch procession of 700 people (including children) who carry wooden torches on their shoulders from Shingu Shrine (新宮神社) to Atago Shrine on a hill and ending at the parking lot of the Shimin Center. The festival starts at 7 pm and the route is about 2.4 km long, taking about 50-60 min. From 9 pm, they shoot fireworks. The festival is held to give thanks to fire (for use in pottery kilns, industry, everyday life, etc.) and to pray for fire safety. Shingu Shrine and the Shimin Center are near Shigaraki Station (Shigaraki Kogen Railway).
More info: 陶都・信楽まつり実行委員会 火まつり事務局 (TEL: 0748-82-0873

–July 30, 2022–
Koka-ryu Nin-nin Dai-Hanabi fireworks in Minakuchi, Koka, 7:45 pm – 8:30 pm
Koka’s biggest fireworks display held along Yasu River near Minakuchi-bashi Bridge. Part of a local festival of stage entertainment, games, and food stalls. If it rains, it will be postponed to July 31. 10-min. walk from Ohmi Railways Minakuchi Jonan Station. Map
More info: 甲賀市観光協会 TEL:0748-60-2690

–March 30, 2022– –Already held–
Hikone Dai-Hanabi Taikai at Matsubara Beach, Hikone, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
35-min. walk from Hikone Station. Or take a shuttle bus provided from Hikone Station to a sports ground from which it’s a 15-min. walk to the beach. If rained out, to be cancelled. Map
More info: (社)彦根観光協会 Phone: 0749-23-0001

Ogoto Onsen Noryo Hanabi Taikai –CANCELED– in Ogoto Port, Otsu, 8 pm – 8:30 pm
20-min. walk from JR Ogoto Onsen Station. Fireworks can be seen from most onsen (hot spring) ryokan and outdoor baths in Ogoto. If rained out, to be postponed to Aug. 2. Map
More info: おごと温泉観光協会 Phone: 077-578-1650

–July 30 – Aug. 14, 2022–
Kotonarie Summer Festa in Hibari Park in Higashi-Omi
Part of an illumination and music festival. 20-min. by bus from Yokaichi Station. Fireworks start at 8:40 pm.
More info: 東近江市湖東商工会 Phone: 0749-45-2571

–Aug. 1, 2022–
Omi-Imazu Furusato Natsu Matsuri, Takashima, 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Climax of Imazu’s summer festival starting from 1 pm. Near JR Omi-Imazu Station.
近江今津ふるさと夏祭り やっさ!今津!!2022
More info: 近江今津ふるさと夏まつり実行委員会事務局 Phone: 0740-22-2108

–Aug. 2022–
Biwako Dai-Hanabi Taikai –CANCELED– at Hama-Otsu and Nagisa Park in Otsu, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
This is the big one, but a steep admission (around ¥4,400, even for children above age 3) is charged in prime viewing areas along Hama-Otsu. Hama-Otsu Port will be totally walled off so you cannot see the fireworks from the street. Viewing areas along Nagisa Park that used to be free are no longer free. They will have about 29,000 paid seating along the shore. It will be terribly crowded with people (about 350,000). Spectacular show (and cost), but have fun trying to get home via the tiny nearby train stations or gridlocked roads afterward. Foul weather will postpone it to Aug. 10. Map
More info: びわ湖大花火大会実行委員会 TEL: 077-511-1530

–Aug. 2022–
Makino Summer Carnival at Makino Sunny Beach, Takashima, 8:30 pm
More info: 四季遊園マキノ交流促進協議会事務局 Phone: 0740-28-8002

Takashima Summer Festival at Makino Sunny Beach, Takashima, 9:00 pm (No info yet)
Fireworks is part of their summer festival that starts at 4 pm.
More info: たかしま夏まつり実行委員会 Phone: 0740-36-2011

Ujisato Matsuri in Hino, 8:45 pm – 9 pm (No info yet)
Fireworks is the climax of this summer festival (bon dance, etc.) held in the northern parking lot of Hino Town Hall starting in mid-afternoon.
More info: 日野町イベント実行委員会 Phone: 0748-52-6562

–Aug. 6, 2022–
Konan Natsu Matsuri in Konan, fireworks at 8:00 pm
Summer festival starts at 4:00 pm with Goshu Ondo bon dance, stage entertainment, etc. Climaxes with fireworks at 8:00 pm. Held at the Yasugawa River Shinzui Koen park (野洲川親水公園).
More info: 湖南市観光協会 Phone: 0748-71-2157

–Aug. 16, 2023–
♦ Somagawa Natsu Matsuri near Kibukawa Station, Koka
Fireworks are part of the summer festival with taiko drummers and lantern floating on the river. Held annually on Aug. 16.
More info: 甲賀市観光協会 Phone: 0748-69-2190

–Aug. ??, 2022– No info yet
♦ Takebe Taisha Senkosai Fireworks at Seta River in Otsu, 7:50 pm – 9 pm
Near Seta-no-Karahashi Bridge. Short walk from Karahashi-mae Station on the Keihan Line. Fireworks will climax the waterborne Takebe Taisha Senkosai festival on boats starting at 4 pm. Map
More info: 建部大社 Phone: 077-545-0038

–Aug. ??, 2022– No info yet
Kinomoto Jizo Dai-ennichi fireworks in Nagahama, 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Held near JR Kinomoto Station. Climax of a local festival with food stalls and games held during Aug. 22–25.
木之本地蔵大縁日 8月22日(日)~25日(水)(花火は25日のみ)
More info: ふるさと夏まつり実行委員会 Phone: 0749-82-5900

–Sept. 11–16, 2022–
Nagahama Kita-Biwako Hanabi Taikai at Hokoen Park, 8:30 pm – 8:45 pm
10-min. walk from JR Nagahama Station. Admission charged every night, limited to only 600 people per night. If rained out, to be cancelled. Map
More info: 長浜市観光振興課 Phone: 0749-65-6521

–Essential Vocabulary–
hanabi (花火) – fireworks
hanabi taikai (花火大会) – fireworks (sometimes a contest)
Natsu Matsuri (夏まつり) – Summer festival
noryo (納涼) – Enjoying the cool of a summer evening (at a river, park, etc.)

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