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For the first time, I have created and published a 2010 calendar for Shiga Prefecture in English. The calendar features my photos of Shiga, showing its beautiful seasons, traditional festivals, architecture, Lake Biwa, and a few “fun” things. Each monthly photo has an English caption, and both Japanese and American holidays are included.

You can see a preview of the calendar’s 12 months above. Click on the right arrow button. To see a larger view, click on the Full Screen Mode button. (Then you can read the captions too.)  The last page is displayed as black, but it’s actually white. The calendar size is 8.5 inches x 11 inches when closed. When open and hung on the wall, the calendar is 17 in. high and 11 in. wide.

The calendar is available for sale online at lulu.com based in the U.S. Just click on the Buy Now button (and get your credit card ready). The price is $15.22 plus shipping. Shipping within the U.S. will cost only a few dollars via ordinary mail. If you’re in Japan, the postage will cost $10.48 for one copy only. If you order five or more copies at one time, the calendar cost and shipping cost will get much cheaper. ($38.92 to ship 10 copies, for example.) It takes about 3 weeks for your order to arrive in Japan via ordinary mail. Express mail and trackable shipping options are also available, but expensive. You can also order from Japan and have the calendar shipped to an address in the U.S. or other countries which may be cheaper. It is cheapest to ship within the U.S. Makes a great gift.

Below is a list of photos in the calendar. I tried to include as many cities and towns as possible, but it was impossible to include all 26 municipalities of Shiga in a 12-month calendar. I plan to publish a Shiga calendar every year from now on, so those missing cities/towns will be included in the 2011 calendar and later.

Cover: Shigaraki-ware tanuki (raccoon dog)
Jan.: Nagisa Park rape blossoms, Moriyama
Feb.: Hokoen Park plum blossoms and Nagahama Castle, Nagahama
Mar.: Tsuchiyama Saio Princess Procession, Koka
Apr.: Hikone Castle cherry blossoms
May: Niu Chawan Matsuri, Yogo
June: Taga Taisha rice planting festival, Taga
July: Omi-Maiko beach, Otsu
Aug.: Imazu Regatta, Takashima
Sep.: Azuchi Castle replica (Nobunaga no Yakata museum), Azuchi
Oct.: Ibukiyama Taiko Drum Dance, Maibara
Nov.: Kongorinji temple, Aisho
Dec.: Mascot characters (Dotaku-kun, Tabimaru, Hiko-nyan)

The calendars are also selling for 2,000 yen at the Biwako Shuko no Uta Shiryokan museum (Phone: 0740-22-2108) in Imazu, Takashima. For those who cannot order in English, they can call this museum and order in Japanese.

You can also access the calendar page directly with this link:


色とりどりの花や紅葉 、伝統的なお祭り、歴史的な建築、大自然とのふれあい、そしてちょっと面白い写真も選んでカレンダーにしました。写真は私がすべて撮りました。(ひこにゃんの写真だけハワイの友人が撮ってくれました。)


このカレンダーは海外のインターネットショップで委託販売中。中身の拝見(Preview)とご注文は上記の画像でできます。矢印のボタンをクリックしてすべての月の写真が見れます。(Full Screen Modeのボタンをクリックすると拡大できます。)購入したい場合、Buy Nowのボタンをクリック。ただし、注文ページは英語です。

日本からも注文できますが、 輸入品のため、ちょっと割高になります。でも5冊以上の注文では送料などの単価が安くなります。普通の郵便だと届くまで大体3週間かかります。または、日本で注文してアメリカなどの友人へ送ることもできます。アメリカ内の送料が一番安いです。

滋賀県内では、びわ湖高島観光協会の今津支所(琵琶湖周航の歌資料館内)で店頭販売中(電話での注文もOK、Tel: 0740-22-2108)。 販売価格は2000円(送料別)です。



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