Autumn festivals Sept. 2013 in Shiga Prefecture

Here are some recommended autumn/fall events and festivals in Shiga in September 2013.

September 1-30, 2013
Genkyuen Garden Insect Chirping Concert, Hikone, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm (enter by 8:30 pm)
Genkyuen Garden next to Hikone Castle will be open in the evenings in September. If you miss the cicadas in summer, you can still hear insects chirping in the garden that will be lit up along with Hikone Castle in the background. Matcha tea will be served at cost and free gagaku and koto performances will be held on the weekends. Admission ¥500. Near JR Hikone Station. Google Map

Autumn Moon at Ishiyama from Hiroshige’s “Omi Hakkei” (Eight Views of Omi).

September 19-21, 2013
Ishiyama-dera Temple Autumn Moon Viewing, Otsu, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The temple grounds will be adorned with many lanterns while the huge Ishiyama rock and National Treasure Tahoto Pagoda will be lit up. The temple also has a Moon-Viewing Pavilion. The Hondo main hall will also have stage performances. The event coincides with the Harvest Moon. The autumn moon over Ishiyama-dera was made famous by woodblock prints by Hiroshige. Admission ¥500. Near JR Ishiyama-dera Station. Google Map
石山寺 秋月祭

September 21-22, 2013
♦ Inazuma Rock Fes, Karasuma Peninsula, Kusatsu, 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm (both days)
Annual rock concert hosted by pop singer T.M. Revolution Nishikawa Takanori who is from Yasu. Also performing is UVERworld, popular rock group from Kusatsu. On the 21st, PUFFY will perform. Part of the concert proceeds will be used for Shiga’s environmental preservation.
Shuttle buses to the concert site provided for 1,000 yen roundtrip. Board at Nomura Undo Koen Park, 10-min. walk from JR Kusatsu Station. Concert tickets at the door ¥9,300. Map

Omi merchants
Omi merchants

September 23, 2013
♦ Buratto Gokasho Town Walk
, Gokasho, Higashi-Omi, all day
Some 100 people dressed as Omi-shonin merchants will parade along central Gokasho at 1 pm. A number of festivities will be held from the morning including taiko drummers at 9:55 am, calligraphy performance at 10:40 am, and a wedding couple at 11 am, A few Omi merchant homes normally closed to the public will also be open and temple and shrine treasures will be displayed in Gokasho. Gokasho is famous for the grand, old homes of wealthy Omi merchants who traveled all over Japan selling cloth, lacquerware, medicines, etc. Near Ohmi Railways Gokasho StationGoogle Map

September 29, 2013
♦ 3rd National Udon Summit 2013 in Higashi-Omi, Yokaichi, 10:30 am-3:00 pm
Taste udon noodles from various places in Japan and vote for your favorite. Looks like 14 udon makers will be there, including one from Kagawa Prefecture. Most are from Shiga. Two event sites at Honmachi shopping arcade and the Higashi-Omi Giant Kite Museum (Odako Kaikan) parking lot, respectively 5-min. and 20-min. walk from Ohmi Railways Yokaichi Station. Google Map

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