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I’m not really a stamp collector, but the Japan Post Office issues so many commemorative stamps and it’s such a major hobby that it’s hard to ignore. Of course, stamps are a great way to promote whatever it promotes. Assuming that you still send paper letters or postcards in this electronic age of email and messaging. They are also great as souvenirs or gifts (very lightweight).

If you go to your local post office in Shiga, you will likely see Shiga-related stamps and postcards on sale (available only in Shiga). They are sold for a limited time, but most of them become available later by private stamp dealers online (auctions, etc.). New editions are also issued every year or season.

Here are a few of the Shiga-related stamps that were issued in the past.

Sights in Shiga
Stamp sheet of Shiga sights issued in 2009.
Hiko-nyan stamp sheet issued in 2013. Came with a hand towel.
Shigaraki tanuki stamp sheet issued in 2008.
Mt. Ibuki summer flowers issued in 2012. Similar sheet is issued annually.
Otsu Matsuri stamp sheet issued in 2008.
Takashima sights issued in 2009.
Colors of Kusatsu” stamp sheet issued in 2009.
Commemorating the 9th World Lake Conference in 2001 in Otsu, Biwa masu salmon endemic to Lake Biwa.
Enryakuji temple stamp issued in 1996 (Konpon Chudo main hall).
Hikone Byobu folding screen (National Treasure) stamps issued in 1976.
Stamp sheet commemorating the 100th anniversary of Biwako Shuko no Uta (Lake Biwa Rowing Song) in June 2017.

Also read about Shiga’s die-cut postcards here.

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