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2015/1/3 12:09 National news: Yogo, Nagahama got 1.3 meter of snow.
2015/1/13 12:33 Shiga’s 15,294 new adults turning 20 from last April 2 to April 1, 2015 are 586 more than last year, but way below the 21,926 peak in 1995.
2015/1/20 14:34 While commenting on her 3 years in office on Jan. 19, Otsu Mayor Naomi Koshi stated that she hasn’t decided on running for a 2nd term.
2015/1/20 14:40 Nagahama City Hall worker Saito Atsushi (齊藤淳) has been arrested for leaking road construction bid info to a bidding contractor last Sept.
2015/1/20 14:53 A 27-year-old man and two teenage females arrested for making a worker apologize on her hands and knees at a bowling alley in Omi-Hachiman.
2015/1/23 22:23 Near Hikone’s Mt. Sawayama (Matsubara Naiko), they found remains of a cutout ridge 堀切 and hillside moat 竪堀 likely built by Oda Nobunaga.
2015/1/24 8:09 The flu hit elderly care home Poplar in Kusatsu from the 11th, sickening 13 patients & staff. An 90-year-old woman patient died on the 23rd.
2015/1/26 10:34 Otsu started issuing localized moped license plates today. The design has a scroll of Seta Karahashi Bridge at sunset, an Omi Hakkei view.
2015/1/26 22:41 Tourist boats will ply on the Lake Biwa Canal between Otsu and Kyoto on weekends/holidays during Mar. 28-May 6 on a trial basis. #琵琶湖疏水観光
2015/2/5 11:09 Named Niji (Rainbow), a Japanese-language school in Kusatsu for foreign kids closed on Jan. 30 due to a lack of funds. How sad.
2015/2/5 11:14 Wakasagi fishing season has started at Lake Yogo. You can catch hundreds of these little edible fish until late March. #余呉湖のワカサギ釣り
2015/2/5 11:20 Hiko-nyan got more nengajo New Year’s postcards (13,315 as of Feb. 2) than Kumamon (7,344 as of Jan. 27) this year in 2015.
2015/2/5 11:24 Plum blossoms have started blooming at Ishiyama-dera in Otsu. Their hillside plum grove is quite large.
2015/2/6 16:41 Kyoto Univ. researchers have found that hama-daikon radish growing along Lake Biwa can well absorb cesium from top soil. Good for Fukushima.
2015/2/7 21:20 Heiwado on Nagahama Station’s east side closed today after 45 years since Nov. 1969. To be replaced by Monde Cool Nagahama on the south end of the station.
2015/2/9 22:40 My video introducing some of the best things and people of Konan, Shiga: #滋賀県湖南市
2015/2/10 21:18 On Nagahama Station’s south side, the new Heiwado supermarket called Monde Cool Nagahama opened today to replace the old store on the east side.
2015/2/12 21:18 Takahama Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui is closer to a restart by this summer as Shiga struggles to formulate emergency evacuation plans.
2015/2/17 19:43 Koka City Hall (Minakuchi) workers in tourism PR are dressed as ninja to promote Feb. 22 as Ninja Day with Iga, Mie.
2015/2/22 19:25 Dinner in 1st class on domestic JAL flights next month will include Omi beef, red konnyaku, & Biwako fish. Only for 1 month. #JAL機内食で滋賀の魅力発信
2015/2/27 00:43 Needles found in packaged pastries at Al Plaza Minakuchi & Heiwado Shigaraki supermarkets in Koka earlier this month. No injuries reported.
2015/2/27 00:58 Kurokabe Square in Nagahama is showing and selling Hina Matsuri Girl’s Day dolls made of glass, until March 22.
2015/3/1 14:56 Kenyan Samuel Ndungu won the rainy 70th Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon today in 2:09:08, Kazuhiro Maeda #前田和浩 was 4th at 2:11:46. #びわ湖毎日マラソン
2015/3/2 13:17 Foreigners living in Shiga are decreasing, but foreign permanent residents have been increasing from 2,000 in 2003 to 8,300 in 2013.
2015/3/2 13:24 Fire at 4:55 am today at Hamakogetsu ryokan #浜湖月 in Nagahama. All 20 people evacuated safely. 13 fire trucks put out the fire after 3 hours.
2015/3/2 23:55 University of Shiga Prefecture male professor padded a student assistant’s wages and had the student hand over the extra cash totaling ¥180,000 in 10 months.
2015/3/3 21:36 “Art Brut in Shiga” outsider art exhibition of 70 works at The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga until March 15, 2015.
2015/3/9 4:26 Governors and mayors from Mie, Shiga and Kanagawa prefectures forming Ninja Council to promote tourism.
2015/3/12 13:04 As of Feb. 25, 2015, 225 evacuees (90 families) from Tohoku still live in Shiga. About half the peak of 428 evacuees in Sept. 2011.
2015/3/17 19:14 KEPCO will scrap 2 nuclear reactors in Mihama and 1 in Tsuruga. They are 40+ years old with a relatively low output.
2015/3/20 00:29 Four free Wi-Fi hot spots in Hikone from today at Hikone Castle and tourist info centers. Look for this sign:
2015/3/20 19:10 Might be difficult to secure a 5000-seat arena in Shiga for the Lakestars to qualify for the top division of the new basketball league.
2015/3/21 16:29 Cherry blossoms in Hikone should start blooming around March 31, full bloom around April 6, a few days earlier than usual.
2015/3/23 21:01 Weeping cherry tree planted in Otsu by Helen Keller in 1937 withered 17 years ago, but a grafted branch set to bloom was replanted today.
2015/3/24 19:13 Ohmi High School beat Kyushu High School 2-0 today, their 1st game at the Senbatsu Spring Koshien national high school baseball tournament.
2015/3/25 20:59 Shiga Police has found about 250 juvenile delinquent groups with 1,400 members in Shiga. They are working to disband or reform the groups.
2015/3/26 8:48 Yasu Jr. High School teacher Aoki Yoshitaka (青木良隆, 51) arrested yesterday for DUI and hitting/injuring a female bicyclist in Yasu.
2015/3/28 16:30 Shiga BOE male member (50) sent 100s of emails over 16 mo. to female school worker who finally met w/him only to be groped in his car. #セクハラ
2015/3/28 16:42 Tourist boats will start service on Lake Biwa Canal today from Otsu to Keage (8 km in 1 hr) on weekends until May 6. All rides fully booked.
2015/3/28 12:15 Ohmi High School lost to Gifu Shogyo 0-3 today, their 2nd game at the Senbatsu Spring Koshien national high school baseball tournament.
2015/3/30 20:34 The infamous bullying-suicide case that occurred in Otsu in Oct. 2011 has ended this month with a ¥13 million settlement to the victim’s family.
2015/3/30 22:44 Hikone-native sprinter Kiryu Yoshihide (19) won the 100m at the Texas Relays in a wind-assisted, non-record 9.87 sec.

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