Suijo Taiko Drum Dance and Hinade Sumo in Maibara

Held only once every 5 years, the Suijo Hachiman Shrine Taiko Odori Dance was held on Sept. 23, 2009 in the neighborhood of Suijo (春照) near the foot of Mt. Ibuki in Maibara. The dance was originally a rain-making dance. It features 15 yakko-furi men (with body paintings) who carry luggage for samurai, 35 flute players from the local elementary school, and about 50 taiko drummers. It was a very impressive and colorful performance. Got some great video footage and photos. Video in two parts. Google Map

Video link Part 1:
Video link Part 2:

Photos: Suijo Taiko Drum Festival

I also saw the Hinade Shrine Sumo Odori dance held annually at Mt. Hinade near Sakata Station on the Hokuriku Line. Held on Sept. 21, 2009, it featured mainly children’s sumo and a centuries-old sumo dance and sumo jinku singing. Google Map

Photos: Hinade Shrine Sumo Dance

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