Shiga History October–December 2015

Omi Hino Shonin Furusato-kan.

Chronology of Shiga Prefecture’s most important and interesting news headlines for Oct.–Dec. 2015 (according to the year, month, day, and time posted at Japan time).

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2015/10/7 11:30 Shiga had Japan’s highest percentage (48.4%) of respondents who submitted the 2015 national census survey online in September.
2015/10/14 8:31 New and elegant Japanese-style restaurant opening soon in Omi Hino Shonin Furusato-kan in Hino.
2015/10/16 9:40 Interviewed Otsu-e artist Tanaka Kokei
2015/10/18 2:22 Northern Biwako and Shiga from International Space Station!
2015/10/23 16:27 Oct. 23: a man phoned Nagahama City Hall for a 12 pm bomb threat. Everyone evacuated by 11:30 am and returned safely to work at 12:30 pm.
2015/10/25 17:06 51-year-old Nagahama policeman 巡査部長伴由明 arrested for taking upskirt photos of a young woman in an anime goods shop in Osaka on Oct. 24.
2015/10/27 0:43 Matsumoto Castle in Nagano has a Koka ninja (and samurai) greeting visitors.
2015/11/5 15:52 For the 1st time, ruins of a building were found underwater in Lake Biwa, 100 m from Nagahama. Stone foundation and 18th-c. wooden pillars.
2015/11/6 12:04 In the past 5 years, at least 18 road signs in Shiga fell over due to age. 5 of them hurt a passing car/human. Shiga has 84,000 road signs.
2015/11/11 2:12 The “Ore, ore” (“It’s me”) scams in 2015 have defrauded 83 people in Shiga for a record ¥370 million+ as of Oct. 31.
2015/11/11 23:37 Rare find of Edo Period ruins in Lake Biwako
2015/11/13 16:33 Replacing the old Heiwado on Nagahama Station’s east side will be a new multi-purpose low-rise complex w/shops, etc., opening in April 2017.
2015/11/17 17:35 Otsu Mayor Naomi Koshi announced that she will be seeking reelection. She faces 2 other independent candidates on election day next Jan. 17.
2015/11/18 8:16 Omi-Hachiman native & Living National Treasure, artist Shimura Fukumi 志村ふくみ received the Order of Culture on Nov. 3.
2015/11/20 2:33 40% of playground equipment in Shiga’s 600 parks are over 20 years old. In April, a girl was hurt riding a swing in Otsu that broke.
2015/11/24 9:23 Otsu-e artist Tanaka Kokei is having an exhibition at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine’s Hiyoshi Kaikan 9:30 am–4 pm until Nov. 28. Impressive I heard!
2015/11/24 12:41 Saimyoji’s resident priest reported yesterday that a 50-cm sword was stolen from a Buddha statue’s hands inside the Hondo main hall in Kora.
2015/11/25 10:39 Due to this year’s fatal kite crash, the giant kite will not fly at the 2016 Higashi-Omi Giant Kite Festival if it is held.
2015/11/25 10:43 A giant, red Xmas boot has appeared on the west side of Kusatsu Station in front of Estopia Hotel. Till Dec. 25.
2015/12/4 10:40 Resigned: Shiga policeman in his 20s for stealing his dorm’s microwave and middle-age police staff for shoplifting at an Otsu supermarket.
2015/12/4 10:48 English version video by ANA showing nice drone shots of Shiga and some local food.
2015/12/15 4:37 Falsified pile construction data has been found in 4 buildings (大津商業高校、長浜の看護専門学校、栗東の川辺県営住宅、草津増圧ポンプ場) built in the last 10 years in Shiga.
2015/12/15 4:42 Japan Pile Corp. (ジャパンパイル) & Nippon Concrete Industries (日本コンクリート工業) falsified the pile construction data for the 4 buildings in Shiga.
2015/12/15 4:52 Handa Kojun (半田孝淳), the Tendai Zasu Abbot in Enryakuji, died on Dec. 14 at age 98. He was the 1st Tendai head to visit Koya-san officially.
2015/12/15 5:00 An Oregon man returned a Japanese flag that belonged to a WWII soldier from HigashiOmi who died at age 21 in the Philippines in June 1945.
2015/12/17 21:51 Otsu Station building is slated to reopen in fall 2016 with a 60-bed capsule hotel targeting foreigners, restaurants, cafe, outdoor terrace.
2015/12/17 21:53 Hikone saw its first snow of the season on Dec. 17, 4 days later than usual and 11 days later than last year. Daytime temperature was 9.9ËšC.
2015/12/18 11:51 Snow dusted the Hira mountains today for the first time this season, 29 days later than usual and 16 days later than last year.
2015/12/23 10:59 Disappointed that Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square in Tokyo displays & sells nothing from Shiga.
2015/12/27 13:06 都内に滋賀のアンテナショップがないこと、とてもがっかり。交通会館にある「ゆめぷらざ滋賀」もダメですね。お土産らしきのものが置いてない。信楽焼もない。。。

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