Japan’s oldest clay figure in Higashi-Omi

Making national news in May 2010 was the discovery of Japan’s oldest clay figure (called “doguu” 土偶) in Higashi-Omi. Slightly larger than a human thumbnail, the tiny clay figure is about 1.3 cm tall and depicts the upper torso of a female. Though the head is missing, the figure shows an ample bust and narrower waist.

The clay sculpture has been dated as from the early Jomon Period, about 13,000 years ago. It was found in the Aidani-kumahara ruins (相谷熊原遺跡) in Higashi-Omi’s Eigenji area near the Echigawa River. They found it in a pillar hole.

The clay figure will be on public display as follows:

Period Place Hours Addresss/Phone Closed
June 9-20 Eigenji Public Library 10:00-18:00 東近江市山上町830-1
Mon., Tue.
June 23-July 4 Notogawa Museum
10:00-18:00 東近江市山路町2225
Mon., Tue., June 25
July 7-16 Azuchi Castle Archaeological Museum
9:00-17:00 近江八幡市安土町下豊浦6678
July 17-Aug. 31 Shiga-ken Maizo Bunkazai Center
9:00-17:00 大津市瀬田南大萱町1732-2
Sept. 3-12 Omi-Shonin Museum
9:30-16:30 東近江市五箇荘竜田町583

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