Congratulations to a new Nagahama!

長浜市 合併おめでとう!

Today, Jan. 1, 2010, is when Nagahama became a new city upon its merger with six towns in northern Shiga: Torahime, Kohoku, Takatsuki, Kinomoto, Yogo, and Nishi-Azai. Congratulations to all the residents of these former towns on becoming citizens of Nagahama.

With a population of 123,608 (as of Nov. 1, 2009), Nagahama is now Shiga’s third-most populous city after Otsu and Kusatsu. By area, Nagahama is now Shiga’s largest city covering a massive 539.48 ㎢ of land (680.79 ㎢ if you include Lake Biwa), larger than Takashima’s 511.36 ㎢.

With the addition of the six former towns, Nagahama boasts a wide variety of attractions, historical sites, and natural scenery. Their sightseeing department is in a very good and enviable position by having so many unique things to see. Remember that Mt. Ibuki is still in Maibara, not Nagahama.)

During Dec. 2009, the six merging towns held their town-closing ceremonies, and about 100 public employees from the six towns moved to the main building of Nagahama City Hall.

Note that addresses in the six former towns have changed. Most of the addresses are appended with the former town’s name, except for Torahime. Looks like Torahime has quite a few place names which have been renamed. Many of them now have “cho” appended to the neighborhood’s place name. If you live in the former towns or need to send stuff to people in the six former towns, check the address. The changed address can be checked in Japanese here:,8475,12,92,html

There will be a municipal merger ceremony on Jan. 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm at the Azai Bunka Hall. The former mayors of the six mergning  towns, Shiga Governor Kada, and others will be on hand to mark the merger. Details in Japanese:,8611,12,92,html

Meanwhile, I’m busy merging my Web pages for the six towns with Nagahama’s Web pages.


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