Ishida Mitsunari’s birthplace

I visited Ishida Mitsunari’s birthplace in Ishida, Nagahama. There are a few monuments and a shrine dedicated to him. I didn’t have time to visit nearby Kan’onji though, where he gave tea to Hideyoshi. The place is a short bus ride from Nagahama Station. Google Map


When you think of Mitsunari, you also think about Sekigahara. I also visited the Sekigahara battlefield. Many monuments, mostly within walking distance from Sekigahara Station, but quite spread out all over.

I also saw the new Nagahama Station for the first time. Very nice, but the waiting room is too small. Big building, but mostly hollow. Nice ceiling and windows though.

They tore down the old station building, so I wonder what they will use the land for next.