Komyo ga Tsuji

Is everyone watching “Komyo ga Tsuji,” NHK’s Taiga Drama? I’m watching and enjoying it, but sometimes I miss a few episodes. When I miss an episode, I read the synopsis in English here so I can find out what happened:
http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Koumyou_ga_TsujiThis show has helped me understand a little more about Shiga’s history. I cannot understand everything they say, but it’s interesting. People overseas are lucky because they can watch the show with English subtitles. I liked Tachi Hiroshi as Nobunaga. Nakama Yukie is also good, but I wish a Shiga actress played Chiyo. Yukie is from Okinawa. Karasuma Setsuko is from Shiga, but too old to play Chiyo. She played another character.

Nagahama has a few exhibitions for this TV drama at Nagahama Castle, the Hikiyama Matsuri museum, and Daitsuji. I went to see them and it was good. Daitsuji temple was very impressive. Big tatami rooms and beautiful fusuma paintings. I think your overseas friends would like seeing this temple, besides Nagahama Castle.

I also visited Kazutoyo’s mother’s grave near Sakata Station. They really prepared this area for tourists.

I still have to visit Ishida Mitsunari’s birthplace in Nagahama and Anegawa River, site of the Anegawa Battle.

Guidebook for Kazutoyo-Chiyo Exhibition