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Updated: Jan. 30, 2018

Take the Shiga Quiz and see how much you know about Shiga Prefecture!

Shiga Quiz has 100 wide-ranging questions covering Shiga’s culture, history, historical figures, art, and major sights and products. It’s a long quiz that may require 45 min. or longer to complete. However, there’s no time limit to finish the quiz.

The quiz is relatively easy for people familiar with Shiga. For newbies, some questions might be difficult, but you will still learn a lot since the correct answer is displayed immediately after each question. The quiz is heavily illustrated, so it should sustain your interest to complete the quiz.

You will see 25 questions per page. After answering 25 questions, click on “Continue” at the page bottom to see the next page. If you don’t see the “Continue” button, it means you have not answered all the questions. Scroll backward to answer any unanswered questions. A few questions have many answers (as many as 20!) to choose from. On older browsers, the questions might not be displayed in the proper order.

The quiz mentions Shiga’s 19 cities and towns as follows: Aisho, Higashi-Omi, Hikone, Hino, Koka, Konan, Kora, Kusatsu, Maibara, Moriyama, Nagahama, Omi-Hachiman, Otsu, Ritto, Ryuo, Taga, Takashima, Toyosato, and Yasu.

Anyone is free to use these quiz questions at parties, in the classroom, etc. For example, you can project it on a screen for students to answer. (Internet connection will be required.) This quiz requires no registration and no fees. You shall remain anonymous and no personal data about you will be collected. Quiz authored by Philbert Ono.

There is also the shorter Shiga Image Quiz with 50 questions.

Click or tap on “Start Quiz” below. It may take a few moments for the quiz to load…

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