Shiga Food and Crafts Fair in Tokyo

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My short video of the Omi-ten Shiga Prefecture Food and Crafts Fair (第26回 琵琶湖夢街道大近江展) held at Takashimaya Dept. Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo during Feb. 25-March 3, 2014. On March 2 (Sun.), we checked out some of Shiga’s trademark products including funazushi fermented fish, Omi beef, Biwa pearls, Otsu-e paintings, and the latest book from Sunrise Shuppan. Hiko-nyan also made an appearance on the rooftop stage.

We bought quite a bit of food, but found no place to sit and eat inside the dept. store. The food section had a tiny dining area, but it was too crowded. There was the rooftop, but it was too cold. We ended up having an “Omi picnic” while sitting on a few chairs (no tables) near the staircase. The Omi Fair is held annually at Takashimaya.

Those of you who use a Mac, start up the built-in Dictionary and type “物産” (bussan) under the Japanese-English dictionary. Interesting to see the example given for “物産展.” That’s how famous products from Shiga are.

Mac's Dictionary result.


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