Visited Otsu International Goodwill Association

During the past 2 weeks, I’ve been visiting most of Shiga’s cities to introduce our Lake Biwa Rowing Song CD to the local Boards of Education, international organizations, tourist associations, public libraries, etc.

Today, I went to Otsu and visited the Otsu International Goodwill Association 大津市国際親善協会 for the first time. They have a very nice and spacious space in the Asuto Hama-Otsu 明日都 building next to Hama-Otsu Station. It’s very nice. They have three big rooms, one is the office, one room is a classroom, and one room is a nice salon with chairs and tables and books and magazines. Anyone can go in there and read a book, etc. The room is also used for language classes.

Out of all the 国際交流協会 offices I’ve visited in Shiga, this place is by far the most spacious and impressive. It’s a good place to relax or meet a friend. They are lucky to have such a space.


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