Gokasho, Higashi-Omi

During New Year’s vacation, I visited Gokasho again. My second time. This time, I took many pictures with my digital camera. The pretty Hinamatsuri dolls were also displayed. I now have 170 pictures of Gokasho online: https://photoguide.jp/pix/thumbnails.php?album=472 https://photoguide.jp/pix/thumbnails.php?album=109 I got off at Gokasho Station on Ohmi Railways. It is an easy walk to the first Omi merchant home called Fujii Hikoshiro residence 藤井 彦四郎邸. Then I walked to the Omi Merchant Museum 近江商人博物館, then to the cluster of three Omi merchant homes 近江商人屋敷. It was very easy to find everything because there are clear signs on the roads from the

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Higashi-Omi has no English Web site for sightseeing

Imagine that your friends from overseas will visit you in Higashi-Omi. How would you explain or introduce your city in English? The city hall’s Web site has some English pages introducing Higashi-Omi. The English is good quality so you can give them this URL:  http://www.city.higashiomi.shiga.jp/outside/English/  However, they still don’t have any English info about sightseeing and festivals in Higashi-Omi. (In Japanese only.) And I tried to search for information about sights in HigashiOmi explained in English and it seems only my Web page comes up.  https://photoguide.jp/txt/Higashiomi%2C_Shiga  However, it’s still not finished. I’m still working on it. If you want to

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How to spell 東近江?

When Higashiomi was first established, I wondered how they would spell the name of the city. I thought that “Higashi-Omi” would be the best way to spell it. However, I see that the city hall is spelling it “Higashiomi” as one word, which I think is the worse way to spell it. Some people might pronounce it as Higashio-mi or Higa-shiomi” instead. It should be like Omi-Hachiman with two words to make the pronunciation easier to recognize.

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