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The home page at shiga-ken.com has been revamped to be an online portal to Shiga Prefecture.

I used to have a long list of links to all my online photo albums, but now I have condensed the photo links and added the following link categories:

  • Maps – Google Maps of most Shiga cities and towns. I created these maps with placemarks (usually with a photo) in English.
  • Tourist Information – Links to local tourist associations in Shiga cities and towns. Most are only in Japanese.
  • Local Governments – Links to official Web sites run by the city hall or town hall.
  • International Associations – Links to international associations (kokusai koryu kyokai) in Shiga. They usually handle sister-city activities.
  • Education – Links to higher educational institutions and organizations.
  • Local News – Links to mass media covering local news in Shiga. (In Japanese only)

The home page also has a Shiga News Headlines animated banner toward the top. This displays the latest five headlines from this Shiga News blog. You can click on it to see a news feed for Shiga News. The code for this headlines banner can also be installed on your Web site by clicking on “Grab this Headline Animator.”

Shiga News Headlines

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

A similar headlines animated banner for each city and town in Shiga is also being installed in the “About” pages for each city and town. For example:

Shiga News - Aisho

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

I hope the home page will now be more useful to everyone.


Owner/admin of shiga-ken.com.

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