Takatora Summit in Kora 2010

The town of Kora in Shiga Prefecture hosted the rotating Takatora Summit for the second time on May 9, 2010.

Since 1998, the Takatora Summit has been held once every two years in one of four places (Kora, Tsu and Iga both in Mie, and Imabari in Ehime) having a close connection with Lord Todo Takatora. Kora’s Zaiji area in Shiga is where Takatora was born. He went on to become lord of Tsu. Google Map

In 2010, it was Kora’s turn to host the Takatora Summit. The one-day event was filled with stage entertainment, street vendors, a samurai procession, and more. Mayors from Tsu and Iga also attended.

Photos here.


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