Photos of Hiko-nyan in Hawaii!!

Aloha from Hawaii!!! From Hiko-nyan.

Hiko-nyan looks great wearing a lei!! I asked a friend in Honolulu to take pictures of Hiko-nyan in the Pan-Pacific Festival parade held on June 7, 2009 along Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki. It was Hiko-nyan’s first overseas trip. I’m elated to see Hiko-nyan from my second hometown in Japan visiting my first hometown of Hawaii. Wish I was there in person. Thanks to my friend Randall Imada for taking these photos.

More photos of the parade are here:

ひこにゃんが僕の故郷であるハワイにも登場したことはとても嬉しいかったけど、写真をよく見ると、どこも「Shiga」とか「Hikone」が表示していないの。ただの「Hikonyan–Ii Naosuke-Gateway to the Future」しか載っていない。それは意味が不明。最低、FROM HIKONE, SHIGA, JAPANとか書けばいいな。せっかく皆が見るので。市の職員がPRの感覚が鈍い。


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