Otsu mayor earns more than Shiga governor

On June 30, 2009, the 2008 incomes and assets of National Diet members, prefectural governors, and prefectural assembly members were made public as required by law. In 2008, Shiga Governor Kada Yukiko earned 17.27 million yen. This included her 15.06 million yen annual salary as governor and the rest was earned from royalties, speaking fees, writing fees, etc.

On the other hand, Otsu Mayor Mekata Makoto earned 18.73 million yen which included his 15.59 million yen salary as mayor. Other mayors of major cities in Shiga earned around 10 to 11 million yen. Shiga prefectural assembly members earned an average of 13.81 million yen which includes income from outside sources besides their salaries.

Since 2007, Governor Kada volunteered to give herself a 20% cut in her monthly salary which may explain why her salary is lower than Mekata’s.

National Diet members representing Shiga also made as much as 28.84 million yen (Okumura Tenzo from Koka).

Note that incomes 10 million yen or more in Japan are subject to a large chunk going to the tax man. (I speak from experience.)

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