Met with Koka International Society

Today I went to Koka and participated in the Koka International Society’s (KIS) Kokusai Koryu Salon gathering 甲賀市国際交流協 国際交流サロン. It was a special occasion because nine people from Koka’s sister cities in Michigan came. It was a chance for them to meet and talk with local Japanese folks. They arrived in Shiga on July 26 and really enjoyed their stay, especially since they stayed with host families in Koka.

I also gave all the Michigan visitors a free copy of my Lake Biwa Rowing Song CD and introduced the song in English. It was my first time to give the CD to people from Michigan. So finally, 琵琶湖周航の歌 英語版、海を渡る!うれしい顔

I enjoyed meeting the friendly staff of KIS. Their office is very near Minakuchi-Jonan Station on Ohmi Railways. Koka is the farthest place from where I am in northern Shiga so I don’t go there very often. When I do go again, it’s nice to know people to visit.

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