Maibara Sumo Tournament

On Oct. 17, 2008, an exhibition sumo tournament was held in Maibara’s Green Park Santo. It was called Ozumo Maibara Basho 大相撲米原場所. It was held from 8 am to 3:30 pm and included many interesting activities besides sumo wrestling.

Unfortunately, Yokozuna Asashoryu was absent due to injury and recuperation in Mongolia. But all the other sumo stars were there: Ozeki Kotomitsuki/Kaio/Chiyotaikai/Kotooshu, popular Takamisakari, Kisenosato (photo), Baruto, etc. It was quite enjoyable because we could get autographs from the sumotori and take pictures with them. However, Takamisakari refused to sign autographs. He avoided the crowd by running past us. I guess he’s tired of being mobbed by fans. Yokozuna Hakuho signed autographs. He looked very good.

The cheapest seat was 4,000 yen, and most of the spectators were elderly. I did see many women as well. Some local kids also came and wrestled with the sumotori. It was great to see sumotori with Mt. Ibuki in the background.


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