Selling more bin-temari in Aisho




Chunichi Shimbun newspaper reported on April 9, 2009 that sales of bin-temari in Aisho town has increased by 150% during fiscal 2008 compared to last year. The local tourist association sold some 173 bin-temari this year, priced from 18,000 yen to 30,000 yen.

“Bin” means bottle, and “temari” is a threaded ball. The bin-temari is a round glass ball with a threaded ball inside. Bin-temari come in different sizes and an infinite number of threaded-ball designs. It also makes a great wedding gift since the round shape symbolizes harmony of the heart and family. You can also clearly see inside. The bin-temari is a symbol of Aisho.

The tourist association sells the bin-temari through its Web site and at their tourist info counter at Echigawa Station on the Omi Railway Line.

Their Web site (Japanese only): 

More bin-temari photos here:

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