More spring festivals in Shiga

During this rainy season, I’m staying at home to sort through the thousands of photos I took in Shiga during spring. Here are a few more festivals in Shiga which I photographed during spring.

Sanno Matsuri held by Hiyoshi Taisha in Otsu (Part 1 and 2):
Video link Part 1:
Video link Part 2:

Sanno Matsuri photos: Sanno-sai Festival 山王祭

Minakuchi Hikiyama Matsuri is a festival of floats paraded during April 19-20:
Video link:

Minakuchi Hikiyama Matsuri photos here.

Kenketo Matsuri in Ryuo (Photos here):
Video link:

Naginata Odori in Moriyama (Photos here):
Video link:

Taga Matsuri (Photos here):
Video link:

I have more spring festivals to show and a full update will be posted soon on my home page (

1st time to Ryuo-cho, Shiga

I finally visited Ryuo-cho for the first time during New Year’s vacation. It’s easy to forget about Ryuo because it has no train station. But it’s easy to reach from Omi-Hachiman Station by bus (twice an hour or so). The tourist info office at Omi-Hachiman Station also had Ryuo-cho tourist pamphlets/maps which helped me decide where to visit.

Many paddies and vegetable fields in Ryuo. Visited Namura Shrine which has a National Treasure and also hiked up Yukinoyama. I have to visit again to hike up Kagamiyama.

My pictures of Ryuo:

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