Hokuriku Line sees little passenger increase

The Hokuriku Main Line running from Maibara Station to Tsuruga Station in Fukui Pref. converted to direct current power in Oct. 2006, enabling trains to run directly from Kyoto all the way to Tsuruga. Passengers no longer have to change trains at Maibara or Nagahama Station when going beyond Nagahama. Anticipating a substantial increase in visitors, the train stations along the line built new station buildings. However, by March 2008, the passenger increase was only 0.5 percent, far below the target 14% increase.

Lake Biwa Rowing Song photo exhibition in Maibara

I don’t know if there’s anybody from Maibara in this community, but I currently have my Lake Biwa Rowing Song photo exhibition again, this time in Maibara until Aug. 3.

The place is Lucci Plaza near JR Omi-Nagaoka Station on the Tokaido Line. This place also has a public library where people can borrow the CD. There’s also a nice restaurant with a view of Mt. Ibuki.

It is open from 10 am to 10 pm, closed on Mon. Free admission of course.

This is my third photo exhibition this year in Shiga, after Yokaichi and Imazu. Many of the photos are the same, but there are also new pictures as well. Captions in both Japanese and English.

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