Rental bicycles at Kosei Station

In the city of Konan, JR Kosei Station (甲西駅) on the JR Kusatsu Line now has rental bicycles. You can rent them in front of the station. There are five bicycles for rent, and two of them are electric bicycles. Rental fee is 500 yen per day or 700 yen for the electric bicycles. Available from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

More info: 美松プラザ2階 沖縄館 Phone: 0748-72-5813

Konki Senshoku indigo dyeing

Indigo dye vats at Konki Senshoku

One great hands-on experience in Shiga is indigo dyeing in Konan. An indigo fabric shop called Konki Senshoku offers easy indigo dyeing lessons using something as small as a handkerchief or as large as a T-shirt.

We tried it with a small handkerchief (1200 yen) and it was fun, though we got mixed results in the final tie-dye design. But it was fun and interesting.

One unique or rare thing about this shop is that they use natural indigo dye, from indigo plants that they grow themselves.

See my photos and full report here.

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